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Davide Carlo Maria Ferraris

Healing Void

In the beginning was the Void, from it sprang the Creation (Genesis). Sapiential traditions and modern scientific research agree on the original principle of reality, be it absolute or reiterated in the continuous regenerative instant. In Biotransenergetics we recognise in the Zero Field of the quantum void the non-place of all infinite potential, to which we return in freedom and salvation; in the Source, the creative moment of rebirth in the present. The void therefore represents the essential opportunity for healing, and today a BTE practice of modern technology of the sacred and a jewel of ‘doing and not-doing’ allows access to it.


Integrative psychologist psychotherapist, registered with the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy (1998/5814). Since 2000 I have been conducting individual, couple and group psychotherapeutic sessions, both distance and face-to-face in Milan and Rome at private practice and affiliated facilities. Lecturer, supervisor and member of the Teaching Board of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Milan (recognised by MIUR 2002). Consultant, designer and coordinator. Inventor. Artist. Activist. Volunteer. Father.