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David Lukoff

How Transpersonal Psychology changed the World

James Fadiman, PhD, a founder and former President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and internationally recognized expert on psychedelics, said that “Transpersonal psychology changed the world. We just didn’t get credit for it.” This talk will review how the field of transpersonal psychology:

• Helped legitimate spirituality as an important area of strengths and conflicts that need to be addressed in psychotherapy

• Pioneered the therapeutic use of spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga

• Highlighted the value of ASCs in therapy such as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, visualization, psychotic states

• Liberated psychology from its reliance on Greco-Judaeo-Christian myths


David Lukoff is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California, and a licensed clinical psychologist in California who conducts research and teaches internationally on spiritual issues in psychology and psychotherapy. He is author or coauthor of 80 articles and chapters on spiritual issues in psychology, and is co-author of the DSM-IV and DSM-5 diagnostic category Religious or Spiritual Problem. He served as co-president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology from 2001-2015.