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Daniela Rao

The Way of St. James – the Way of the Essence between the Sacred and the Profane

The Way of St James is a concrete metaphor for Life and at the same time a Master who -with kindness and firmness- shows those who walk it the exact point where their Soul is. It is able to give everything the Soul needs to awaken, evolve and realise its own Project and everything the pilgrim needs (which does not always coincide with what he or she desires) to return to the Essence, letting go of identifications and false urgencies. During the Walk it is also possible to contact the strength of each Orixà and to be supported by them in order not to fall into the ambushes that can arise at every step. Through the suggestion of poems and stories, images and vividness we can undertake this journey together, perceiving the ecstasy of living in the encounter between the sacredness of essential gestures and the connection with the Self and the Whole.


Psychologist, psycho-oncologist, EMDR therapist and transpersonal psychotherapist since 2013, trained at P.L. Lattuada’s Integral Transpersonal Institute, where I also obtained a diploma in BTE Body Mind Work – Body of Dream and Art of Giving of Self (Level I). Parallel to my individual psychotherapeutic activity, I have been leading group courses for 20 years, mainly through the Rolando Toro System Biodanza method, of which I have been an operator since 2003, integrated with the transpersonal approach, especially in hospital psychology. In addition to health care, I lead groups in educational institutions and have held some meetings, interrupted due to the pandemic, in a prison institution. In 2004, I discovered the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago and fell in love with it: I have walked it several times, written poems about it and the orixàs encountered along the way, grasped esoteric aspects and the great transpersonal teaching. Several times I have brought all this to various conferences.