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Daniel Dick

The Art of Polarity

It becomes every year more evident, that the root of the disbalance on the earth is in its core the disbalance of feminine and masculine. The divorce rates are higher than couples staying together. Masculine is mostly regarded as toxic, and women are now starting to recall through ancient knowledge their wisdom in face of controlling patriarchal violations. In terms of our natural balance, the feminine aspects of nature, which are water and earth, in balance to sky and fire, are getting more attention because of the droughts, climate warming and organic farming. In this workshop we will use the medicine wheel to balance inner and outer aspects of the feminine and masculine energies. In form of a constellation based on the medicine wheel, we embody different aspects and solutions for each other, mirroring the fragmented parts of one another. Working on the collective balance this workshop derives its wisdom from every participant and the guidance of the laws of the creation, engraved in the directions of the wheel. This workshop is destined for everyone, who seeks to foster and guard the life-sustaining laws of the balance of polarity and unity in diversity. Working together on these collective topics, has a massive impact to raise the collective consciousness and balance ourselves and the elements of nature, respecting the feminine and masculine equally.

Workshop is conducted together with Bernadette Kögler.


With 12 years, he realized that everything is energy. Since then, his perception and practice with energy was a daily activity. His scientific home has been system science, social and cultural anthropology and consciousness research. His spiritual home is a pantheistic pragmatism with a closeness to South American shamanism, European Psychoanalyses and Tantric Buddhism. He has worked for several research institutions, and co-founded the independent Viennese Academy of Consciousness Research in 2015. He also co-founded Existential Consciousness Research Institute in 2018. Daniel’s student life has been paralleled by an university occupation, and emancipatory approaches, which encouraged him to rethink masculinity and organization and synergize ancient wisdom and new forms. In this course, he co-authored a book “Sex, Masculinity and God” in 2020. He is Tsa-Lung (Tibetan Yoga) teacher. Today he offers healing, coaching, and workshops for persons and companies.