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Claudio Maddaloni

The Divine Comedy as a map to awakening

The Divine Comedy is a complete, rich, clear map or mandala of awakening, and of how the energy circulating in the subtle body, the Shakti flowing in the lateral channels, finds its way back home to the infinite. Dante imagines to visit the three reigns, described as different states of consciousness in the chakra system, and to operate alchemically to restore the light. In hell, an inversion of the downward flow of Kundalini is obtained choosing to disidentify from ego desires, and inverting Lucifer himself finally. This consents the ascent of the inner purgatory mountain, climbing every chakra as a ladder to the sky, so as to purify consciousness; this is done by applying to each vice the corresponding virtue. Only at this final point, Beatrice representing Dante’s own Kundalini Shakti activates and starts a direct ascent to Paradise, piercing every planetary sky or chakra, up to Sahashara, where God resides, and where Dante fuses into cosmic consciousness.


I am a psychiatrist, analyst psychologist trained at Cipa in Rome, Vedic Astrologer, Meditation Practitioner, Dante Scholar for many years; I worked at the Asl of Terni until I retired a couple of years ago; I developed a growing interest in transpersonal psychology and psychiatry.