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Claudio Calcina

The Sacrifice of the Cave: the intimate gift of the Ambush

The Cave as an act of love and sacrifice to facilitate the evolution of each one of us. To recognise how the limitation represented by the Cave is actually a gift full of grace, part of the dualism from which we have the opportunity to escape by grasping the profound unity to which it also belongs.
To see how it is necessary and generous in its giving of itself to grant us the opportunity to know ourselves in depth, to grow and mature until we reach the point of making the two one with the Cave and with what it represents.
To grasp how the manifestation of the Cave is only our interpretation of reality, while in Truth we are already outside of it as soon as we can remember that we are always in the Source.
This passage is a fundamental step to be able to evolve our being both in life and in our being as therapists, to welcome with love all the Caves, our own and of our patients, without becoming prisoners in them, or staying in them for too long.


Psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, supervising teacher. Lecturer since 2017 of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, coordinator of the Examination Commission. I have designed and conducted research projects on the transpersonal model, bringing the results to national and international conferences. I have applied the transpersonal model in multidisciplinary fields such as orthodontics, sports psychology, water regression techniques, training, and community work. Having also graduated in Philosophy, I have delved into traditions and techniques aimed at wellbeing and awareness, integrating them into therapeutic and evolutionary paths including Cranio Sacrale, Shiatzu, Harmonic Singing, Dentosophie, Para Tan Sound Healing, Reiki, OBA and EMDR. I have been leading Dream Body classes since 2009. I devised “The Body that Heals” an experiential path of group psycho-body awareness techniques. Since 2020, I have been a psychotherapist and supervisor for the Un Po’ Oltre children’s communities.