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Claudio Calcina

Through the Shadow

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is incorporated into the conscious life of the individual, the blacker and denser it is.” (Jung) The term ´Shadow´ refers to those aspects of our personality that remain outside the conscious sphere, yet continue to exert their influence, which is all the more destructive and disturbing the more we refuse to acknowledge their existence; it is therefore very important to be able to identify and integrate our Shadow parts. In this workshop, through the use of disturbing and evocative music that facilitates the transition to a more suitable state of consciousness, we will meet our Shadow in the darkness of our inner cave, so that it accompanies us on our journey no longer as an enemy but as a guide, leading us to the Light of consciousness, the first fundamental step towards integration.



The human being normally lives imprisoned in the cage of what he believes he is, in the labyrinth of his individual identifications, forgetting what he really is.

Getting out of this prison of self-confirmed beliefs is one of the most difficult escapes to achieve.

In this workshop we will try to accomplish it with the help of LeCoq’s Neutral Mask. We will attempt to break the spell of the ego through a series of experiences, including the non-doing of the Position of Non-Duality and the deep connection of the Grand Gesture, with the intention of revealing our true nature.

Once free of our egoic mask, we will experience the authentic encounter with the other in the fullness of our essences.


Psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, supervising teacher. Teacher since 2017 of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, coordinator of the Examination Commission. I have designed and conducted research projects on the transpersonal model, bringing the results to national and international conferences. I have applied the transpersonal model in multidisciplinary fields such as orthodontics, sports psychology, water regression techniques, training, and community work. Having also graduated in Philosophy, I have delved into traditions and techniques aimed at wellbeing and awareness, integrating them into therapeutic and evolutionary paths including Cranio Sacrale, Shiatzu, Harmonic Singing, Dentosophie, Para Tan Sound Healing, Reiki, OBA and EMDR. I have been leading Dream Body classes since 2009. I devised “The Body that Heals” an experiential path of group psycho-body awareness techniques. Since 2020, I have been a psychotherapist and supervisor for the Un Po’ Oltre children’s communities.