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Claudia Barrilà

Waking up from the fear of dying to be Reborn to Life

To awaken from the mass hypnosis caused by the removed fear of dying is to come out of the cave and be reborn to life! The constant of life is change, we are called at every moment to die to the present moment in order to be reborn to a new one in a continuous and mysterious dance in which life and death merge to create the miracle of what is.


Transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist, lecturer at Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan. In Biotransenergetics I have discovered a therapeutic approach in harmony with my vision of the world, society, the human being and healing. The paths and tools of the sacred that I propose come from my professional and educational experience and from the Transpersonal research I have carried out throughout my life. Since 2005, I have been working on empowerment projects for women and on the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity. This is also the subject of my book ‘The Rainbow Serpent. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in a Transpersonal Perspective’, ITI Editions, 2015. Since 2011 I have been assisting cancer patients and family members in the experience of illness and doing psychological accompaniment to death and bereavement. I live in the Bolognese Apennines and lead seminars and individual and group courses both online and in presence.