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Cinzia Lemmo

The Hero’s Journey and the Spiritual Psychology of the Chakras

At this stage of the human being’s development, there is a drive to revolutionise one’s own consciousness, identify one’s own Being and drop the veil of illusion in which one identifies with the ego. the destructive and non-vital part that limits the healthy development of the human being, creating pathologies. The hero’s journey is the journey of every human being who seeks his truth, regaining his own soul ground, following the light by freeing himself from sick mechanisms such as projection and denial. To go beyond the syntom, this is the transpersonal psychology work done where the threads of psychology and spiritually weave the soul tissue of healing and deep care.

The human being in his integral vision, needs to pay attention to his psychoenergetic points, like the chakras that reveal the great alchemical work of the creative-sexual energy.


Cinzia Lemmo is a psychotherapist – receiving her degree in Rome in 2003. That same year she established a private practice with which she still continues. She completed the specialization in Integrative Relational Psychotherapy in ITRI in 2012 where she delved deeply into analytical Jungian psychology and systemic-relational therapy. The aforementioned studies served to improve her skill in assisting in the healing of the mind, body and soul of her patients. She continued with her professional development in Pneuma Transpersonal Training where she found a synthesis of her former studies, something which allows her to draw together both her personal experience and her professional training. In 2013 she began to work as a Pneuma Transpersonal Analyst, applying the psycho-spiritual framework that Pneuma Transpersonal Training offers and the use of Amplified States of Consciousness in the treatment of different psychological pathologies and facilitate the path of self-realisation.