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Chris Goa

Cosmic Dance Session

Electronic music is the music of the skies. It opens a high-vibrational portal to the cosmos and beyond. Dance is the ultimate connector to the divine. When we dance together, we move towards a collective consciousness. Full of love, light, and cosmic rays.


Chris Goa’s two main passions in life are the intricacies of the cosmos and music, in all its shapes and forms. Early on in life, he quickly found out that the high frequency, energetic & vibrational nature of the latter, especially electronic music is the ideal candidate to connect to the cosmos, both inward & outward. Since the early 2000s, he has been djing, producing, and releasing tracks under different monikers. As of late, he went back to his roots and with his Cosmic Dance sessions, he is using music & movement as a tool for sharing, healing, and connection toward a collective consciousness.