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Bernadette Koegler

Medicine Wheel “Story of Creation”

The Medicine Wheel is an universal map and help for orientation which shows us that everything starts and ends in a circle. Through that we can find a way to our holistic being and to our awareness towards the planet, the universe and all its living creatures. By aligning with the cosmic order, dancing your dream into reality and with the support of our ancestors you can spread the medicine to the world. By performing a ritual where we honor the elements, the nature spirits and the whole creation we become humble towards the great spirit again and are capable of regaining our long-believed lost abilities by remembering and strengthening our connection to our true self. By activating the medicine wheel in and around us the circles start to spin and become a spiraling movement which is elevating us into higher realms. To understand the principles of the medicine wheel we dive together into the story of creation to fully understand where we are coming from and where we are going.



It becomes every year more evident, that the root of the disbalance on the earth is in its core the disbalance of feminine and masculine. The divorce rates are higher than couples staying together. Masculine is mostly regarded as toxic, and women are now starting to recall through ancient knowledge their wisdom in face of controlling patriarchal violations. In terms of our natural balance, the feminine aspects of nature, which are water and earth, in balance to sky and fire, are getting more attention because of the droughts, climate warming and organic farming. In this workshop we will use the medicine wheel to balance inner and outer aspects of the feminine and masculine energies. In form of a constellation based on the medicine wheel, we embody different aspects and solutions for each other, mirroring the fragmented parts of one another. Working on the collective balance this workshop derives its wisdom from every participant and the guidance of the laws of the creation, engraved in the directions of the wheel. This workshop is destined for everyone, who seeks to foster and guard the life-sustaining laws of the balance of polarity and unity in diversity. Working together on these collective topics, has a massive impact to raise the collective consciousness and balance ourselves and the elements of nature, respecting the feminine and masculine equally.

Workshop is conducted together with Daniel Dick.


Bernadette Kögler was born into a family of medicine and was blessed to be able to dive deep into the holistic field of health and its path we walk each and every day. She learned to practice Chinese Medicine, is a member of the academy of Traditional European Medicine, did a 2 year Reiki course, and is intensively learning shamanic techniques especially with the medicine wheel since many years. Together with her beloved man, Daniel Dick, she is improving her skills living in a spiritually growing and supporting relationship. 2019 she organized together with the association of Universal Cultural Medicine the first congress of International Traditional Medicine in Vienna.