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Bence Ganti

The structure if the psyche through the stages of development and states of consciousness

How can we provide a oneness framework in psycho-spiritual development, where we can work with the spiritual experiences and the personal layers of the self paralel. These two are there for all seekers and clients that we assist on the path. An integrative model is imperative in our new era, because spiritual people need professional work to go through their ego and psychology assists people often opening to spiritual states. Nor spirituality in itself, nor psychology itself is enough, we need both and we need a professional depth for it. I will also mention case examples from one on one sessions, and group experiences, as groups and awakening to group consciousness and how to manage it for higher stages, are key in the new era.



Bence Ganti, MA is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, vipassana meditator, and international teacher of integral psychology. He is a co-founder of Integral Europe, since 2012 and also co-founder and director of the Integral European Conferences, since 2014 and founder of the Integral Academy in Budapest, since 2006. Being a dual citizen of the USA and Hungary, Bence bridges cultures delivering keynote addresses, making presentations, and leading experiential workshops worldwide, including his version of a cutting-edge we-space practice called Integral Flow Experience. Based on this he has created the International Constellation Processes at the Integral European Conferences, where hundreds of people constellate together the world and its current issues. In the USA he has thought integral psychology at Meridian University and San Francisco State University in California and at integral events at Bay Area Integral, Integral Center in Boulder, and the Integral Theory Conferences. In Europe he has benen teaching and running workshops in many countries. He represented integral theory during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2019. Ken Wilber asked him to be the European coordinator of Integral Institute.