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Beatrice Bissacco

Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Intimacy: awakening together to life

The workshop is intended to explore the link between sexual pleasure, authentic love and spiritual intimacy. The Western paradigm has educated us to conceive of body and spirit as separate and in opposition. Picking up echoes of ancient traditions such as Tantrism, Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism, the proposal is for a transpersonal practice that can restore the joy of the body to its role as a bridge to the spiritual dimension. Touch, gaze and dance will be proposed as vehicles for sacred encounters with one´s own Life Force. Once the gaze is cleansed of the conditioning of personal history, it is possible to realize how deep intimacy is a medicine that allows us to meet ourselves and each other. Together we will allow ourselves to flow in a contemplation that rediscovers and awakens to the corporeity of the spirit and the spirituality of the body to celebrate Life with gratitude.


Clinical Psychologist, registered with Integral Transpersonal Institute and practicing Biotransenegetic psychotherapeutic methodology. A scholar of symbols, archetypes and myths, expert in issues pertaining to Psychoanalysis and Jungian Psychology. She graduated in clinical psychology with the thesis “The Shipwreck of the Ego, the Role of the Collective Unconscious in Psychotic Processes,” a study developed from the experience of working with psychiatric patients at the Venetian Ulss 3. Driven by a question of meaning with respect to psychic suffering, she began her experience with spiritual practices, discovering how in some cultures psychological pain is conceived as an initiatory passage, which, once crossed, leads to one’s True Nature. From analytical interpretation to the Heart’s Eye, she encounters the Biotransenergetic methodology, through which she integrates the understanding of inner dynamics with work with States of Consciousness and Archetypal Forces.