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Ashok K. Gangadean

The Greatest Story Never Told : The Missing Logos Foundation for TransPersonal Life©

My Presentation seeks to get to the heart of the Theme of this EUROTAS Gathering: “Waking Up…Out of the Cave…Ready for the Leap”

It builds on my prior presentations to EUROTAS Meetings, including my Essay included in the EUROTAS Volume Metamorphosis Through Conscious Living – “Why TransPersonal Awakening of our Cultures is Highest Priority”.

My journey as a Philosopher over the past six decades has focused on seeking to uncover the long emerging yet eclipsed LogoSophia Code that has been ever presiding, calling and moving our Human evolutionary journey to our full blossoming as LogoSapiens, as TransPersonal Sapiens.

In excavating this missing Logos Code through our great Wisdom Teachings I found it essential to make explicit the deep contrast (and relation) between the rather “adolescent” Culture Code still dominating our individual and collective lives, on the one hand, and the perennial call to “Leave the Cave”, to Awaken and make the courageous evolutionary shift, on the other.

I marked this “Human Code” shift from Human to Human as our profound and challenging shift from life to Life, from the egosphere to the LogoSphere, from homosapien to LogoSapien.

In my presentation I will focus on this all-important code shift in our Human Journey, from culture to Culture and make clear how and why our “Human Condition” has remained chronically lodged in the Cave Mind and why our Code Shift out of this Cave to liberated Human Space, to TransPersonal, to Source Life… is our great leap now.

This shift from Human to Person is our Greatest Story Never Told©
March 25, 2023


Ashok Gangadean, Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute Haverford College, USA email: