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Arnaldo Quispe

Icarus and Icarotherapy: the Integration of Amazonian Shamanic Art as resources for inner evolution. Guidelines for Transpersonal Practice.

Ikarotherapy is now a reality. This method originates from Amazonian shamanic chanting, which is a type of chanting with which healers and shamans accompany their healing sessions with plants and energy work. Icaros originates from the connection with sacred plants and ceremonies to expand states of consciousness. Icaros therapy is an integral method involving the conscious and therapeutic use of the sacred chanting of the Icaros, which is enriched and enhanced with the other shamanic arts that are interrelated as a complex system of tools for human self-healing. In this way, Icaros therapy includes chanting, sound, dance, movement and shamanic art in general, which are contributions from the Amazon jungle that will help enrich the transpersonal experience.


Arnaldo Quispe born in PERU, graduate in psychology, specialising in transpersonal psychotherapy. Writer. He has been involved in Andean and Amazonian curanderismo for over 30 years, becoming a self-taught teacher. He has proposed various methods of personal growth and holistic wellbeing that have been created as a result of his research and spiritual paths. Among others, he proposed the holistic method ´QHAQOY HEALING´, which comes from the ancient traditional Andean Qhaqoy massage. Then he created the energetic method called ´INCA HEALING´ of self-healing and well-being, which consists of various practices with subtle energy for integral personal rebalancing.