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Antonella Trabattoni

Blending with the World of Spirit. Mediumship as a Pathway of Service

The physical world and the Spirit World are not separate.
There is only one world, here and now.

The phenomena of nature, physical and spiritual, are an expression of infinite Intelligence. The Spirit World works through the conscious and unconscious states of the human mind.

When we begin to be at one with the Divine Power and in harmony with the its laws, then we start to express the gifts of the Spirit, its richness, its beauty, its dignity, which is part of our birthright.

Through openness, receptivity and the evolution of our soul, we make a magnetic link with the world of Spirit, we are open to receive what can be and we can get in touch with souls who no longer have a material reality. With a simple thought, they are here allowing themselves be recognized, bringing love and insights so that each of us can best face our daily challenges. We are never alone.

During this experiential workshop trusting in the intelligence of Spirit, we will explore aspects such as

– how to develop intuitive skills

– how to build inner confidence

– how to learn to use images and sensations and how to transmit them

Through practical exercises the participants will be able to experience a slightly altered state of consciousness (alert) leading to interesting encounters.


Antonella obtained a degree in Literature from the University of Geneva, taught history and social sciences for 35 years in two high schools in Lugano (Switzerland) and has held interdisciplinary courses in human sciences on intercultural communication for graduate students with a social studies background. She has also done volunteer work in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Cameroon and Sri Lanka. Antonella was recently a teacher at a Tibetan refugee center in Dharamsala (India) establishing a communication link between young Swiss and Tibetans. She was co-founder of an Internship Project for her school in several foreign countries: she organized and accompanied groups of students doing volunteer work in various orphanages, kindergartens and other schools in various developing countries. Antonella is interested in the development of spiritual consciousness. She attended art courses at the Rudolf Steiner Institute (Maine, USA) for eight years, and has organized courses in radiesthesia, geobiology and on energetic sites. Since 2000 she has taken part in the activities of the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU, Stansted, GB) giving testimony of the continuity of life after death, establishing contacts with beings in the Spirit world and creating an intermediary relationship between the terrestrial dimension and other dimensions.