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Anthony Abbagnano

Transforming Lives with the Power of Breath

Discover the profound impact of breathwork on personal growth, healing, and transformation. The science and art of breathwork: Understanding the physiological and psychological effects of conscious breathing. Breathwork for personal growth and healing: How breathwork can help us overcome challenges, release emotional blockages, and foster a deeper connection with ourselves and others. Breathwork for transpersonal experiences: Exploring the potential of breathwork to induce altered states of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Breathwork in different settings: Anthony´s experience bringing breathwork to various environments, such as festivals, corporate settings, hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons.


Anthony Abbagnano is a visionary thought leader and a healer, who has been incorporating breathwork into his other practices for decades. He is the founder of the internationally accredited school Alchemy of Breath. He currently lives in Italy, where he co-founded with his wife the Alchemy School of Healing Arts (ASHA), a foundation for a currently growing conscious community.