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Anna Moraki

Shakti Dance Ritual – experiential Workshop

This is a sacred prayer, an embodied reminder of our true essence. Based on the Kundalini Dance, created by Leyolah Antara, it is an exploration of the five elements, archetypes and the themes of the different chakras through movement, prayer, sound and dance. We learn how to tune into our bodies, our energetic system and to clear our mental and emotional blockages. The divine feminine energy, Shakti and its evolutionary force Kundalini Shakti yearn to meet the divine masculine, Shiva, the unified field of consciousness in us and to act through us. Let’s remember our essence and purpose through this Shakti Dance ritual.


Raised both in Germany and in Greece, recently moving to Crete, I work with my clients in a transpersonal way combining my psychological training with my spiritual background. I am a psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist in training and holotropic breathwork facilitator in training. I hold a degree in Philosophy from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a Bachelor in Psychology from the International Psychoanalytic University of Berlin and a Master in clinical Psychology from the Berlin Psychological University. I am also trained as an Integralis Coach, in systemic constellations, body-oriented therapy, tantra and a certified yoga teacher. I offer Kundalini Dance Workshops, women’s circles and a training for psychospiritual awakening. My spiritual path is the path of Bhakti, the path of Love.