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Andrea Samar Molinari

The Natural Side of Human Evolution

In these times of planetary transition, the world seems to be heading toward a transhumanist future. As catalysts of the new world, we are required to focus on the natural and spiritual life, to increase our sensitivity and subtle perception to make direct contact with the living being present in everything and bring back in our societies the connection with the sacred. This will allow us to communicate with every being in every realm of the living and also to communicate with each other in a ´new,´ more subtle way. Activating our ´transpersonal intelligence´ we´ll be able to create networks of small evolved tribal societies that will help the planet to thrive and us humans to follow the instructions of our ancestors. This knowledge is accessible to everyone, but the ´world of illusion´, digital life, and the over-reliance on Artificial Intelligence distract us from mastering these abilities. To enter the fifth dimension we need to wake up and connect (for real).


Clinical psychologist, Transpersonal psychotherapist, and Human Evolution groups leader in Italy, Chile, and Brazil. Biotransenergetics teacher at Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI). During his travels in Central and South America, he got in touch with different shamanic traditions such as Mazateca and Tolteca in Mexico, Inca in Bolivia, and with the Afro-Brasilian traditions of Umbanda and Candomblè in Brazil. In recent years he has dedicated himself to the study of the Ayahuasqueira doctrine of Santo Daime as well as the Jurema tradition in Bahia, Brazil. He has worked closely with the Kariri-Shoko and Huni Kuin indigenous communities and has deepened the ´Universal Shamanism´ methodology.