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Andrea Calderon

Born in Colombia, Andrea Calderon is a spiritual leader Kuraka (Healier) from Sumak Kawsay Cosmovision who has devoted more than 15 years to the recovery of ancestral memory guarding traditional ancient ceremonies and different altars from the Andes Mountains, Ecuador. Devoted to the recovery of ancestral memory and following the Sumak Kawsay tradition from the Andes.

Andrea, together with her partner Santiago Andrade, an indigenous shaman and well-known Kuraka in this tradition, have guided hundreds of people through transformative spiritual pilgrimages known as Vision Quest and Sundance in the mountain of Ayapuma in Ecuador and in Sicily, Italy. These ceremonies and spiritual offerings involve a period of intense fasting, where participants abstain from food and water for several days while alone to shed societal norms and limiting beliefs, allowing them to rediscover themselves and find inner peace.

Andrea and Santiago are well known for their sacred chants to the plant medicine of the Awakolla.