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Ana Karina Bertolotto

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Integral Education for Inner and Social Transformation.

Psychedelic medicines have their roots in centuries of ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples, supported by the most modern clinical and neuroscience research. We will discuss the advantages of a dynamic training program focused on the pathologies of our time, in line with the realities of the current global times and climate crisis, adjusting to the needs that are emerging at a collective level. Also we will discuss the importance of the personal process and mental health of future psychedelic therapists and researchers, giving special attention to the internal process of transformation of non-functional patterns. The ultimate objective is to train professionals who can be active agents of change in favor of the health and wellbeing of people, in coherence and balance with social contexts and with the living ecosystems that support us.


Karina Bertolotto is a psychologist and psychotherapist, she has been trained in Humanistic Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology, Artistic Expressive Therapy and Integrative Somatic Therapy. Since 2005 she teaches Art therapy and Expressive Movement in the University of Barcelona and has been external consultant. She has been a doctorate candidate in Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She has been a student and a collaborator of Claudio Naranjo for the last years, organizing his work and teaching in SAT Program in US, Canada, Brasil, Italy, Uruguay and China. She is the CEO of BMed Gobal Education and co funder of Beckley Med.