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Alisa Reikher

Lucid Dreaming as a tool of Reawakening into Reality

This workshop will invite us to remember to remember that we are all part of the big dream of creation and that we are creating our reality by dreaming it into life. In dreams our internal reality is perceived as external, so it seems unequivocal as does our external reality in real life. This realization allows us an active dialog with what lives inside of and in this way we get the possibility to transform it.
Dreaming is also a gate to collective unconscious and to the mystery that dwells in it, that is it allows us to have a direct contact with the eternity pulsating inside and outside of us.
We will explore how delicate is the veil between dreaming and waking realities, recognizing the differences and similarities between these two states of consciousness. By sharing our experiences of the dreaming world, we will be able to expand our perception of it.
Finally, we will have the opportunity to do a little shamanic journey in a dream of our choice and in a dream of another person.


Alisa Reikher is a traveler of outer and inner dimensions. In her journeys around the world she has learned sacred doctrines in Tibetan monasteries in Nepal; has expanded her mind and body to meet the divine in Yoga Ashrams in India and Mexico; learned in great proximity with modern shamans and became a yoga and meditation teacher, and a light language teacher. All that she has accumulated in her spiritual journeys, has found its right place in union with modern day psychology within the therapeutic approach of the Biotransenergetics discipline. As a transpersonal psychologist she accompanies clients from all over the world, online and in-person, in inner journeys into the landscapes of their individual and the collective psyche; journeys in which they gain clarity and get empowered to move in life aligned with their heart and soul. She is here for the expansion of consciousness, an aligned path with the realization of our soul calling, and the presence of joy and grace in our lives – for herself, her clients and students and for the collective.