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Alexandra Gerber

Artistic trance : connection, guidance and apparition

Accompanied by some materials, I present my way of creating paintings and sculptures. First, I stop thinking, I connect to something bigger than myself, my heart opens and my state of consciousness changes. My hands know where to go, I am a spectator of what appears. My only intention is to get out of the way. On the canvas, inner passages take shape, and with the clay, creatures quickly appear. You will witness their birth. I invite you to follow me in this dialogue with the earth and the sky, so that you too can experience this inspiration.


Trained as a visual artist (I graduated from HEAR Artschool in Strasbourg in 2005), I spent 2 years traveling in North America during which I was able to discover and learn woodcarving with the Tlingit Indians of southern Alaska. My practice extends to the expanded fields of consciousness (shamanic healing) and mycology. The raw material for my sculptures comes from the living (carvings of masks and totems, woolen creatures, mushrooms, bone, feather and skull assemblages…) but I also create paintings, drawings, films, novels, poems… Each work is guided by a trance state. I obey the impulse to go towards new territories, then comes a stage of digestion, crossing, intuitive assembly. Explorer, touching everything, constantly branching out by absorbing everything that comes my way, I discovered that I functioned like mycelium in an underground labyrinth. You could call it mycelial art… Each project feeds off the substrate of the other, to constantly evolve.