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Alessandra Brunelli

Occult medicine: psychological and energetic anatomy of the human being

Master Paracelsus narrates that ‘all diseases have their principles in one of these three substances: salt, sulphur and mercury’.
Which means that they can originate in the world of matter, symbolised by salt; in the sphere of the soul, represented by sulphur; or in the realm of the mind, expressed by mercury.
If the body, soul and mind are in perfect harmony with each other, there is no danger of harmful imbalances. But if a cause of disharmony occurs in one of these 3 planes, the disorder is transmitted to the others and disease appears.
It is therefore important to have precise maps of the psychological and energetic anatomy of the human being or subtle anatomy well known in ancient medical disciplines and traditions. In Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, one speaks of meridians. In Hindu philosophy, of nadis and chakras. In the Christian tradition, the name ‘church’ is used, as well as in the Kabbalah of paths, to define this energetic structure of the body.
It is well known that the physical body is not just matter, but essentially consists of energy that gathers in 5 psycho-energetic centres: intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive, sexual.
These centres can be used adequately as well as inadequately with a consequent consumption of the energy capital of the centre itself. Everyone is born with an amount of energy that one must know how to conserve. There are vital values stored in each centre, the loss of which accelerates the process of disease, old age and death.
It is therefore essential to know these 5 lower centres that belong to the consciousness and that are flooded by the ego. They are very different from the 2 higher centres (higher intellectual and higher emotional) which are exclusive vehicles of the Self. Man must realise that he is solely responsible for his health and longevity, which depends mainly on how his energy is conserved.


A surgeon, a specialist in maxillofacial surgery, she has dedicated the past 15 years to enriching her medical practice with alternative healing methods such as neural therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, magnet therapy, ozone therapy, frequency and information therapy, and ionizing wave therapy. In 2009 she began training in Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology and in 2012 she became a facilitator, offering trainings in this discipline and leading groups in the experience and integration of Amplified States of Consciousness, in different countries around the world. These experiences allowed her to integrate the psychospiritual dimension into the field of traditional medicine, thus opening the door to a new method of healing in which the evaluation is not based only on the patient´s physical symptoms, but is broader, complemented and enhanced by the psychosomatic and spiritual vision. Her inner growth was reflected in her professional growth by participating in training courses in complementary medicine to listen and treat the patient in his totality, in his multidimensionality while remembering his uniqueness.