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Alain Mullenex

Hope as a collective transformation

In my work in conflict zone, accompanying war victims and their traumas, I learned that beyond the horror of their experience, hope, understood as a form of collective resistance is the key to change our perception of feeling only as victims but more as survivors.
We are all survivors on a transpersonal perspective, since we had to struggle to born, to be the one sperm to reach the matrix. Being a survivor invites us to manifest our right to live, to create and to transform our environment; but it’s also a calling to embody our responsibility to heal our transpersonal wound. Then, we will be able to accompany the transition and actively manifest our connection to the universe and build a new society, based on this relationship with the universe.
In this talk, we will explore how teachings of war survivors and conflict resolutions, from a transpersonal perspective can help us to build a new paradigm to get out of the cave.



Philosopher, transpersonal psychotherapist, trainer in social and therapeutic theater. French born in Japan, to an English father and a Franco-Russian mother born in China, interculturality is in his blood and he has a passion for meeting and understanding others. He dedicates his life to learn from the other, especially in Latin America where he accompanied groups in situations of extreme violence and conflict zone for more than 10 years. He has almost 20 years of experience accompanying individuals and groups through presence, creativity, compassion, and humor. He has been a teacher in schools and universities in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, France. Currently, he is dedicated to psychotherapy with his private practice and to the methodology that he develops of Transpersonal Therapeutic Theater. He is an international guest speaker at conferences on Transpersonal Psychology. He is co-founder of the Centro Empagenia for Psychotherapy and Consciousness Research.