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Adi (Adrienne) Vickers

Transpersonal approaches to education for children and adolescents

My workshop on Transpersonal Education will be based on ‘Mythology in the learning space’. I usually base my sessions on Celtic mythology, but this time I would like to invite the Indian co-ordinator (Rahul Nagar) of our joint project ‘A Place for us’ (working with rurally marginalised young people in India and Ireland) to co-present with me. In this way we can merge two cultures, enabling us to illustrate how mythology can be used for building bridges in the multicultural classroom or learning space.


Adi Vickers is a holistic educator, based in Tuscany , Italy, who co-founded Asana, an international language school in Ireland in 1993 ( She has 33 years of experience as a holistic educator in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Laos and India. She is passionate about transformative, whole-person, arts and nature based learning for young people. Adi is currently doing a PhD in applied transpersonal psychology with Alef Trust and LJMU in order to bring more transpersonal approaches to education. Adi has just set up an international nature and arts -based educational project called ´A place for us’ , for rurally marginalized young people in Neemka, UP, India, who are experiencing abject poverty, and Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry, Ireland, for marginalized local Irish young people and Ukrainian refugees who are experiencing social and emotional poverty. This project is a grant recipient of Alef Trust´s Conscious Community Initiative.