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Guido Ferrari

My talk is about my inner quest that led me from a materialistic stance to spirituality. I review the transitional moments in my life: an encounter with a Tibetan lama with distant visions and memories, psychoanalytic research, numerous seminars at the Monroe Institute, meditation experiences in the Buddhist field, holotropic breathing experiences, shamanic experiences, encounters with great people. The long journey has taught me through experience that there is a source of love, harmony, wisdom within us, a refuge where we would always want to be and act from. We are spirit in a body, death does not exist, consciousness is eternal. We must try to live consciously in the here and now. It is already all in us, it is our natural consciousness.
My inner quest is the theme of my book “A Long Journey. Returning to the Source. A spiritual autobiography.”

Walter Gioia

You will experience archetypal original movement sequences, movinmeDi (with lines, circles, lemniscate and spirals) that promote neuroplasicity and reorganise the nervous system. This not only leads to a better physical condition, but also contributes to the development of all vital processes of the person, making him or her the creator of the overall well-being of one’s own essence, one’s own body-soul. MovinmeD: – promotes mental serenity (managing anxiety and stress) and meditative states – re-harmonises opposites-complementary: masculine/feminine, out/inside, high/low, slow/fast, etc. – does muscle-tendon and meridian stretching – develops ambidexterity and independence of the neuro-muscle chains.

Victoria Rose

Victoria will take us into deep realms of visualizing the New Luminous Lineages who, rather than spending all the time and energy of their lives trying to remember who they are and why they came, will fully blossom in their highest expression and successfully deliver their mission.
Victoria illuminates how the souls incarnating on planet earth at this time are living embodiments of the leader, teacher, healer, innovator. “They are the way-showers”.
As we heal our own births and deep cultural wound of separation – stemming from our industrialized births  and infant-maternal separation which she concludes began long before birth –  so too we come back into right-relationship with all the earth’s medicines and the Great Mystery.
As we restore our trust in nature and rekindle our instinct, the potential for our children’s consciousness to remain intact from the very beginning of life, increases greatly.
Life and Birth are exquisitely designed by nature to be ecstatic. 
Together, let’s welcome the ancient future wisdom that is now incarnating.

Maria Rossi Sideri

An invitation to co-create meaning. What do we mean when we refer to sexuality as a “sacred space”? More than a lecture, here is a space to have an open conversation on principles such as: – Sexuality is beautiful and sacred. – Sexuality is pure in its inherent primordial matter and made of the same substance as cosmic matter. – There are no limits that can apply to its expression apart from consent. You are all welcome to contribute with reflections, ideas, and personal experiences.

Vera Pizzichini Saldanha

Spirituality has been increasingly highlighted as an essential dimension to healing processes, personal and social transformation, and the evolution of our species. Values such as compassion and empathy are more recent acquisitions of our brain, which for Maslow, have a close connection with genuine experiences in the individual. For this author, one of the central axioms of transpersonal psychology is that from spirituality emerge positive, constructive values, intrinsic to being, higher and more universal. For this reason, traversing the paths of psychology since William James and spirituality in deep processes of transformation in individuals and groups; For more than two decades, we have developed a methodology that contemplates this integration, which was the subject of our doctoral thesis. Called Transpersonal Integrative Approach – AIT, it presents a universal cosmic map, with a methodology at the service of the psycho-spiritual development of the human being, in different areas of application of Psychology.

Ana Karina Bertolotto

Psychedelic medicines have their roots in centuries of ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples, supported by the most modern clinical and neuroscience research. We will discuss the advantages of a dynamic training program focused on the pathologies of our time, in line with the realities of the current global times and climate crisis, adjusting to the needs that are emerging at a collective level. Also we will discuss the importance of the personal process and mental health of future psychedelic therapists and researchers, giving special attention to the internal process of transformation of non-functional patterns. The ultimate objective is to train professionals who can be active agents of change in favor of the health and wellbeing of people, in coherence and balance with social contexts and with the living ecosystems that support us.