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Pre & Post conferences


2 AND 3 OCTOBER 2023
In this seminar we will have the opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork as a way of self-exploration, access to creative vision, healing and intuition. Holotropic Breathwork ( from the Greek holos, trepein: to proceed towards wholeness), …

Transpersonal Constellations
BTE-Biotransenergetics methodology

2 AND 3 OCTOBER 2023
Beyond the Ego: a journey to discover the Self through Archetypal Forces. A journey of self-knowledge and self-exploration (beyond themselves) to support connection and dialogue with archetypal qualities.


10 – 12 OCTOBER 2023
This workshop bridges somatic and transpersonal dimensions through mindful physical contact among participants. You will engage in Interactive Embodied Meditations as doorways to access the deeper dimensions of yourself, as well as…