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The inner vision

Holotropic Breathwork workshop

In this seminar we will have the opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork as a way of self-exploration, access to creative vision, healing and intuition.

Holotropic Breathwork ( from the Greek holos, trepein: to proceed towards wholeness), developed by Stan Grof and his wife Christina, it is an experiential form of self-discovery in which the spontaneous healing potential of the human psyche is activated through faster and deeper breathing. The word “holotropic” suggests overcoming internal fragmentation, as well as a person’s sense of separation from the environment.

This method uses the traditional tools of shamanism and offers them in a contemporary psychological context.

In a non-ordinary state of consciousness we can more easily dissolve the tensions and emotions blocked in the body and in the psyche. In this way, we reduce the accumulation of stress, we start the process of solving many emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and we can regain energy and serenity to better face life’s daily challenges.

The inner territories that we can explore in a breathing session range from autobiographical memories, to the perinatal period and to the stages of one’s birth, up to entering the vast realm of transpersonal experiences, where the individual and collective psyches meet.

Exploring these normally inaccessible areas of the psyche in a state of expanded consciousness is a significant factor in inner transformation and self-healing.

During the breathing session, the combination of accelerated breathing, a specially designed musical journey to support the process, and bodywork focused on energy release, will facilitate the development of intuition and awareness by catalyzing states of expanded consciousness in which we can more easily access our profound self-healing potentials, and facilitate access to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic problems. The breath itself will allow the release of the retained energy, and the increase of vitality and the pleasure of living.

Artistic expression and sharing will allow for the integration and completion of the experience.


This seminar is not suitable for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular problems (heart attacks, cardiovascular surgery, severe hypertension, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris or arrhythmia), some diagnosed psychiatric condition, recent surgery or fracture, acute infectious disease, epilepsy, or active spiritual emergency.

Claudia Panìco

Psychologist and psychotherapist with a body and transpersonal orientation for more than thirty years. She has been a facilitator of holotropic breathing since 2000 and founder of Holotropic Breathing Italy. Organizes and coordinates the Grof Legacy Training in Italy where he teaches together with Viktoria Lucchetti.