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“TRANSPERSONAL LOVE” by Pier Luigi Lattuada

Love therefore, no longer bound to the object, no longer paralysed by fear of rejection, no longer constrained by calculations and strategies but free to emanate from the centre of being.

The love of the flower that blossoms or of the tree that gives its fruit without wondering who will eat it.

Love that is inseparable from balance, from the harmonious interaction between the parts. The flower that blossoms, in fact, offers itself to the fruit which in turn offers its seed to the earth that nourishes it and receives the strength to make it a tree that offers its essence to the air that feeds the fire that evaporates the water that then returns to the earth that hosts the ten thousands of beings.

Love that is not to be conquered or bargained or learned, but love that runs through existence in all its harmonious manifestations and of which we need only to become aware. The heart chakra brings us back to the centre of our being, to that place where we see the love that animates everything.

Once again, therefore, it is not a question of making efforts but simply of changing place, of settling in the heart to make possible that leap of awareness that discovers us to be alike to everything around us. A leap that, in order to be realised, asks us for unconditional acceptance of everything we witness, acceptance of ourselves, of people and things exactly as they are; it also asks us for the humility necessary to open ourselves up and receive what we need, but above all the humility necessary to offer ourselves to the world; it asks us for compassion for our own and others’ miseries; it asks us, finally, for the willingness and courage to expand our horizons to share that interconnected flow of love that animates everything that exists.

– Pier Luigi Lattuada Chakras