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“The world is as you dream it” by Valentina Lattuada

The world is as you dream it. So dream what you dream!

To make all your dreams come true, to make your Big Dream come true, first of all you must:

  1. Know what you dream of
  2. Feel it
  3. Dream it
  4. Choose it
  5. Wake up

1.  To Know What You Dream of: Exhale, Empty, Release, Let Go, Relax, Be Honest, Be Sincere, Be Shameless, Be Non-Judgmental, Fearless, Limitless, Shameless, Thoughts on how to get there…go to the place where your dreams come true. And look around…and…Write. You write. You write. At the Present. Like in a movie, frame by frame. It’s not a book, it’s not a painting. It’s a movie. Image. Action. Movement. Real. The imagination takes shape. Free your imagination.

2. Focus On Feelings, Sensations, Emotions, Moods. Listen to what you feel to stay where you are. Stay in touch with what you feel. Persist. Clear the space of all those Feelings, thoughts and emotions that disturb this joy, this peace, this Feeling of accomplishment, this love…all away. And allow yourself to feel, fully, where you are… in your dream come true.

3. Now fly. Fly even higher. Dream, every detail, open the doors, the windows of your dream, turn the corners, take the streets, look around, see who is there, how they behave with you, what they do, what they feel, how it makes you feel, what you do. Indulge in the wonderful details and launch into endless flights. You can. You have to. Free and Shameless. Powerful. Dream.

4. Accept what you see, what you are experiencing. Welcome your Dream with Love and make it your Intent. Existing with this Intent leads to the realization of your Self. It leads you to live to your full potential. It makes you who you are. To occupy your perfect place in this world. So choose to be who you are. Really. Choose you. You choose. Make it your priority. From now on your Intent is your priority.

5. “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” So wake up. Open your eyes, clean your gaze. Train your Sensitivity. Observe. Train your Awareness. Stay in touch with yourself. Close your eyes. Open them again. What do you see? What do you hear? Say thank you. Always thank. Every morning. Every evening. Give thanks and realize that you are exactly where you should be, that you are already walking on your dream, already living in your intent. And while you realize it, while you give thanks, promise yourself to keep the helm Steadfast, keep progressing and Always be Kind and Determined. With yourself and with others. And always be honest with who you are.

If you can dream it, not only can you achieve it, but you also have a duty to do it!


– Valentina Lattuada