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To be studied, the psyche has been reduced to an object, made to coincide with the mind and placed in the brain. In this way it was possible to know its neurophysiological, cognitive and behavioral implications, its side we could say objective (Wilber 2011), but neglecting its subjective side. The psyche, in fact, which from now on we will call Psyché, is not only the object but also the subject of experience, an integral, complex phenomenon that involves all the domains of being.

This integral vision opens up the perspective of spirituality, and although it has spanned the millennia of human history from its earliest beginnings under the diverse and confused guise of magic, religion, mysticism, gnosis, hermeticism, the term spirituality as we know it today is relatively recent. It is a delicate concept to define that also represents a historical break with the past, as it belongs to modernity. 

You will find here more background information on the foundation of this research together with a complete bibliography.

In this context, this updated version of the survey aims to collect data about the respondents’ representations, experiences and behaviors in relationship with awakening and personal perspectives. The questionnaire leverage on the findings elaborated through an initial version used in 2021-22. 

Answering the survey will take about 20 minutes, the answers will be saved only at the end. It is therefore necessary to answer in a single session. There is no right or wrong answer, just the one that better describes your perspective; don’t overthink and trust your first impression or understanding.

We value your contribution and thank you in advance for taking the time to support us in our research.


Xavier Bronlet


P.L. Lattuada M.D. Psy. D., Ph. D