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“Cave Metaphor” by Pier Luigi Lattuada

How much presumption in Ulysses in crossing the threshold of the known world, in Galileo in believing his observations under the microscope contradicting no less than the Bible, in Columbus setting sail for the unknown or coming to the present day in a Messner to face Everest without oxygen tanks.

The presumption and courage of strength, if well employed, is always followed by the humility of fulfilment and truth.

The Myth of Plato’s Cave (Plato 2003), more than any other creed, describes in an exemplary way that journey of the Hero that each one of us is called to make towards our own Self.

She/he who realizes that she/he is chained in the bottom of a cave and that the reality she/he is witnessing is nothing, but the reflection of shadows projected on a wall by a pale fire, can hardly continue to ignore it.

He will have to break his chains and set off on his journey where he will face and overcome the due trials, he will reach the vision of the sun and therefore of a truer reality than the consensual one he had shared with his chained community.

A new courage will now be necessary, that of accepting the new awareness, of trusting in the truth of the new reality, of firmness to support and defend it, of compassion for those who, by choice or fortune, have remained chained up.


– Pier Luigi Lattuada,


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