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Vera Pizzichini Saldanha

Spirituality has been increasingly highlighted as an essential dimension to healing processes, personal and social transformation, and the evolution of our species. Values such as compassion and empathy are more recent acquisitions of our brain, which for Maslow, have a close connection with genuine experiences in the individual. For this author, one of the central axioms of transpersonal psychology is that from spirituality emerge positive, constructive values, intrinsic to being, higher and more universal. For this reason, traversing the paths of psychology since William James and spirituality in deep processes of transformation in individuals and groups; For more than two decades, we have developed a methodology that contemplates this integration, which was the subject of our doctoral thesis. Called Transpersonal Integrative Approach – AIT, it presents a universal cosmic map, with a methodology at the service of the psycho-spiritual development of the human being, in different areas of application of Psychology.

Valentina Lattuada

What makes us free? How can we surf our Big Wave? How can we recognise our inner design and live in alignment with it? How do we decrease the distance between ourselves and the version of us that is already living our Dream Vision? How to embody our Dream Identity? How to apply ´kindness´ in our lives and activate the ´healthy success´ we are meant to have? How do we unlock our full potential and fully embrace the Big Dream Surfer version of ourselves, manifesting the quantum leap we have been waiting for? What does it mean to act in an integral transpersonal way and why can it break down the barrier between this timeline and the one where all your dreams are already realised? Let’s start with emotions.

Jeffery A. Martin

Embark on a transformative journey as we navigate the fascinating landscape of so-called higher levels of human consciousness as illuminated by our project’s nearly 20 years of research into the Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience (PNSE; i.e.: enlightenment, nonduality, persistent awakening, Fundamental Wellbeing, unity consciousness, etc.), informed by our interactions with over 10,000 individuals who purported to have gone from Seeker to Finder, and further advanced by our assisting over 5,000 research subjects in making the transition so that we could measure what changed in and for them immediately, and over time.

In this talk, we will collectively delve into the intricate tapestry of this large multinational project, drawing practical insights and unearthing profound implications from this part of the vast canvas of human subjective experience. We’ll discuss the nature of PNSE, exploring its depth, its links to the brain, and the varied methods people successfully employ to transition into these remarkable ways of experiencing life.

Our path will lead us through an emerging taxonomy of Fundamental Wellbeing (the Martin Matrix), which provides a universal yet nuanced understanding of the farther reaches of human happiness, wellbeing, and potential. Together, we’ll decipher these multidimensional aspects of Fundamental Wellbeing, bringing to light a fresh perspective to perceive and evaluate these human experiences.

Aligning with this year’s EUROTAS theme, “Waking Up Out of the Cave: Ready for the Leap,” we will explore the individual, societal and cultural implications of a wider acceptance of practices leading to PNSE. And how we, the transpersonal community, can employ these insights to effect global positive transformation.

Come join me as we step out of the shadows of our individual and collective caves, and into the light of elevated understanding of human potential, consciousness, and wellbeing. Together, we can illuminate the path towards transcending the conventional boundaries of psychology, fostering a deeper comprehension of these so-called higher reaches and how they inform the full range of human experience.

Marc-Antoine Masri

My intention is to explore and develop on the value of ancestral lineages and transmissions imbedded in a modern approach of transpersonal psychology. From my perspective, the relationship between healing and awakening is a fundamental aspect of any Transpersonal approach. Without engaging on a healing journey, awakening lacks a good fertile soil to be fully integrated in a harmonious flow of presence. Without a complete path of awakening rooted in our true nature and supported by the power of ancestral lineage and transmission, seeking healing, whether through modern psychotherapy or sacred plant medicines, will not be enough to totally free oneself from suffering, and it could even create identifications which can become major obstacles on the path of liberation. Our ancestors have done a great endeavor in preserving, through uninterrupted lineage, the transmission of the “inner treasure map” for realizing our true nature. It’s also deeply embedded in the nature around us, infused in the plants and the animals and the mountains and the oceans, all there to support us in recognizing our primordial state. There is an underlying intelligence in nature which is communicating with us, whispering our names back home. I refer to this as the evolutionary Mycelium of our ancestors guiding us in the birth of an Ancient Future rooted in a harmonious state of presence. It is alive and it is growing also through the Transpersonal movement into society, as we bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

Michele Micheletti

We have opted for a title that may inevitably cause some perplexity, we are aware of that. At first glance, the arguments of marketing may indeed seem distant and antithetical to those of the profound search for the Self and the divine plan, but we will discover that this appearance is not at all true and that there are wonderful convergences of the two fronts. Modern marketing, with its strategic communication, has now become the art of capturing the consumer’s attention, but it is precisely on the attentional dynamics that the ´particle´ of awakening and the layering of levels of awareness towards the field of consciousness is played out. We will highlight unexpected dynamics that will make us think and give us some very useful insights for our everyday inner work.

Elías Capriles

Humankind is going through the deciding crisis in its evolution: either we complete the task of destroying the ecology on which life depends, causing the extinction of our species and perhaps of most other species on earth, or else we dissolve the vertical structures in the mind and human experience, and by the same token in power, politics, the economy, all human institutions, culture and so on. This requires the assistance of innovative psychotherapy, but mainly of the ancient traditions of spiritual Awakening. And it requires all-embracing activism directed at achieving the total transformation on which both the survival of our species and of most species on this planet depends, which is able to tell the value of the different spiritual approaches and practices, so that we don’t fall into the deviation that Chögyam Trungpa called “spiritual materialism,” which consists in inflating the ego through spiritual techniques. This, I used to call “metatranspersonal philosophy and psychology,” but now I am calling it “philosophy and psychology of Awakening.”